Won't import a particular album

I do as you described, except for shutting down the Roon core before moving the file to the watched folder (not an option for me as I mentioned earlier). :+1:

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Ugh, frustrating! :confounded:

I’m afraid we’re getting way beyond my skill level here (not that I much in the way of computer skills :blush: ).

Paging @support

I’m happy to report the above trick worked. :pray:

3 years of use and I’ve never had to do this before, but from now on I will always shut down the core before adding new music.

Thank you everyone for the help. Much appreciated. :+1:


Yay! :grinning:

Were you able to delete the duplicate albums showing in Roon?

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Yes, I restarted once with the two offending albums out of the watched folder, which fixed the duplicates issue, and then a second restart with the two albums inside the watched folder imported them both properly.

Again, I’m a long time Roon user and never had this issue before, so I’m not exactly sure what caused it.

Thanks again for all the help! :pray: :+1:

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I’m glad you got it sorted out. :grinning::+1:

Roon nor the manufacturer of my streamer were ever able to tell me what was going on.

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