Won't play Music

My system was powered down for 2 weeks while I was out of town.

I rebooted the system and Roon on SGC i9 won’t play music.

Roon on my iPad shows all music on my NAS and Qobuz as normal. It shows all zones for music to be played.

When I pick an album to be played Roon advances from song to song about 1 second apart, obviously nothing plays. At the end it says no music is playing at the bottom just above where you see the progress of the song normally.

There is one thing going on that I can’t figure out. I will post it in the next screen so it will not mess up this post.

At the top of the screen where you would Bookmark or Search for a song there is a constant rotating circle.

It says it is bringing in music for new meta data. The next line says Roon needs an update to operate.
It never finishes, just keeps spinning the circle.

I checked settings for updates and it shows My SonicTransporter i9 but there is no option for an update.

Even if I reboot everything the circle is still spinning and can’t be canceled.

Any suggestions?

I lowered the level in my sipping Tequila bottle quite a lot this afternoon trying to figure it out. The Tequila was great but I would have rather had music.


Sounds like you’re no longer connected to your library. That happens to me when my file share location fails to connect. Reconnecting to the NAS should fix it.

All music on my NAS and Qobuz shows up as normal using Roon on my iPad.

The zone for my Marantz PrePro in the living room plays as normal.

It turned out that the UltraRendu eliminated Roon Ready as the programing choice for what ever reason.

It was a stroke of luck I found it as I never had to set it up that way when I installed the SGC and UR in the beginning.

It works is all that matters and my Tequila bottle will get a rest.