Woodstock: Back to the Garden - 50th Anniversary Experience

I ripped this 10 CD set as usual, putting each disc into a separate sub directories, i.e. CD1, CD2 etc., under one directory using the name above.

Roon treated these files as some 30 albums. It seems to have created an album for each artist. That’s not right.

It’s still like that on my work system.

On my home system I checked that all of the file metadata was correct. then I used Roon to delete the albums it had created. Then a rescan. But Roon didn’t find the files and add the albums.

I’ve deleted all of the files in the file system and copied them back on and asked Roon to rescan. It ddn’t Add the albums.

So I have two problems. Roon handles this multiple CD set incorrectly. Roon won’t add the set again on my home setup.

What has to happen to resolve these issues?

Same problem here…

I added the 38 CD Woodstock box set and it shows up as a single album with 38 disks in my case. I ripped with dbpoweramp. I did tick the COMPILATION option, which adds a COMPILATION tag with a value = 1. And the ALBUM tag field is the same for all 38 disks.

Hi @Lloyd_Borrett,

Are they showing up in Skipped Files in Settings > Library?

Can you share a screenshot of the album in the storage location via Finder / File Explorer?

No they are not showing up in skipped files @dylan .

And low and behold, this evening it fixed itself on my home system. The entire collection reappeared as one album, and this time with 10 CDs. I’ll check my work system on Wednesday.

Exactly! Just like in my case.

That’s a different collection @garym. The 38 CD set is Woodstock - Back To The Garden: The Definitive 50th Anniversary Archive. Wish is wasn’t a limited edition and I could still get one.

I’m refering to the 10 CD set, Woodstock: Back To The Garden - 50th Anniversary Experience

Understood. My key point was use of the compilation metadata tag field in case that matters.

The compilation meta tage was already in place. I’d done everything as per usual, but got this weird outcome.