Woohoo! Congrats on introducing Squeezebox integration!

I’ve been holding off on a Trial until this happened. I have a Touch and a Modwright Transporter, so I’m stoked to see how they work with the latest version of Roon. After a sufficient trial, I hope to buy into the Lifetime plan, assuming things work out. Just wanted to congratulate the team and thank you! More feedback to come…

Happy New Year!

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What @CometCKO said! Well done!

While I have a Squeeze-device problem I’m hoping to chase down in another thread, I wanted to mention something quite impressive which I recently noticed: Roon manages to synchronize a Transporter and Touch which are grouped and playing simultaneously.

The actual Squeezebox / Logitech Media Server has for years failed to do an acceptable job of synchronizing play of those two different device architectures for me.

Just wanted to follow up and say my initial impressions of the sound quality with my Modwright Transporter as a roon player are outstanding! I had no problems connecting to the roon installation. Sound quality is apparently bit-perfect (will check later).

Using an old laptop as a control device. Only missing the now-playing display to be perfect.

Thanks to all those who fought for Squeezebox support! I’m thrilled to have Roon here.

Some how saying “+1” just does not get it here for me…

+10, or +100!