Woohoo... I managed to get Roon Tablet Mode on my Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cellphone

Great! Ive been fed up with the cellphone version of Roon for a long time. Since subscribing in fact. The fast scroll is non-existent, which renders browsing null-and-void.

Ok, rant over… I was thinking if only I could force tablet mode to kick-in somehow on my phone… Welll it’s easier than I thought…

here’s a screen shot of my Note 8 now running Roon in tablet mode, AND vertically :slight_smile:


Simply by entering developer options and selecting screen width as 720.

It meanst that overall on the phone the icons and text are tiny, but it’s easy to switch back. Not even a reboot required.

It should work with other apps too.

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Can you change the screen width for a singe app?
How is that done?

No idea. Maybe there’s some 3rd party app which would do that :slight_smile: