Word Clock connection with Transporter - and ROON

Hi, my usual music server (Antipodes) was away for an upgrade and I am thinking to get my former love TP out of the dust, and give it a buzz … :slight_smile:

As I understand that LMS should be turn off and let ROON to find TP as a roon ready / streaming device, just wonder is there any chance that we can still access and change the setting of the TP? I remember vaguely that the Word Clock sync option can only be activated in the LMS setting page.

Thanks in advance!


I don’t have a TP, but I do have SB3s, which I’m guessing behave similarly to the TP. LMS needs to be off, and you need to enable Squeezebox support in Roon.

Pending someone who can advise you on the TP specifically, you can cycle through displays on the SB, including time (this was requested by, inter alia, me and implemented - see Squeezebox/Transporter Display Improvements [Done in 1.3]

You’ll need the original remote to do so, mind - you can’t control the display through Roon.

Hope that helps!


Thanks so much for the fantastic info @LowKey. Will give a try in a minute!