Work and Part Tags feature request

I am new to Roon and starting to like it a lot but am running into some problems with the Work (and Part) tags. I have a large classical library (6107 albums). I have all my tracks tagged with work and part. Roon uses its own work and part tags mostly unless it can’t find the album and then it uses mine but sometimes not (I’ll see an album where each track is listed as a separate work even though they’re not and have proper work and part tags.) And sometimes my work tag and Roon’s aren’t the same for a particular work so I get the work listed twice. And the thought of finding and merging all those orphans is kind of daunting. So I would like to see the option to use my work and part tags exclusively instead of Roon’s similar to the option we have for genre, album art, album name, etc.


Hi John. We have been talking about this internally.