Work & Part Tags

I have added the recent Decca release of Haitink’s recordings of Mahler compositions to my library from Qobuz. Even though there are 102 tracks, the tracks are not divided into discs on Qobuz (even the liner notes available in Qobuz do not divide the tracks into discs). Unfortunately, the tracks are not organized by work in roon, though Qobuz does restart part numbering with each new composition. I understand from the kb that it is possible to added values to the tags WORK and PART, but despite searching and clicking I cannot figure out how to do so. So, how does one do this?

You can use Mp3tag and re-tag your files.

But only if you downloaded the files.

With streaming from Qobuz: I believe there is something wrong on Qobuz side, but they are working on the problem.

I believe WORK and PART are unique tags for roon and so could not be edited by MP3TAG in any case. These two tags did not appear when I ran MP3TAG with a downloaded album that appears to have WORK and PART correctly filled in. It is not just a Qobuz problem with this album; the same issue arises with the Tidal version. And there is considerable disconnect between the track listings in Qobuz and Tidal and that in the liner notes that come with the album. The notes list jusy 98 tracks, but there are 102 in the streaming version and the order seems to be different. I recognize these are Qobuz/Tidal problems but I hoped editing in roon might be used to overcome them.