Work/part/track problem

Hi, i have just installed roon and trying it.

I have a problem with work/part metadata.
I already used to tag my CLASSICAL albums with WORK tag. on the other hand the different movements are tagged only with the TRACK/TITLE tags but not with a PART tag.
now, importing my library (100000 tracks) in Roon, the result is that the different movements of a WORK are recognized as different versions of the same WORK.


There are third-party metadata editors available that can “walk” a bunch of directories/subdirectories and, for example, copy the contents of the TITLE field to the PART field for all the tracks therein. I can’t say how helpful this would be in your library, but maybe that will suggest a way to address the problem?

The tag editor I use,Yate, can do this kind of thing and do it well, but note that it’s MacOS only.

I’m very devout about using WORK and PART for newly acquired material, but as a practical matter, for classical music that was imported to my library before I became immersed in Roon, I fix up the WORK/PART tags as I encounter any problems in that area.