WORK tag not working as expected in build 208


I was quite excited when reading the release notes for buil 208

Changes and Bug Fixes In Roon Build 208:

Added “Masters” section to the TIDAL page when Masters are present
Support COMPOSITION as an alternative to WORK during tag extraction
Support MOVEMENT as an alternative to PART during tag extraction
Support ORCHESTRA tag
Support for WORK/COMPOSITION tag even if no PART/MOVEMEMENT tag is provided
Sonos stability improvements and dropout reduction

However, it does not work for me as I’d expect from the release notes. Unidentified Album

File tags for track 1 to 4:

I would have expected that the WORK tag is being displayed now, even PART tags are not maintained. Am I getting something wrong?


The problem would appear to be that, even if the album is unidentified, Roon has made a successful attempt to figure out what the work is. The WORK tag doesn’t appear to be interacting well with that.

@brian If we locally “munge” the work from the track titles, are the metadata immutable from a file tag perspective?

I observed a lot of matches on works for unidentified albums. Isn’t it just a problem of order/priority, i.e. reading the work tag before doing any matches?

It also causes problems for my workflow of merging compositions, because in this case I would not be able to group those tracks together and merge it with an existing work.

just as an update - I have found many occurences of the reported behaviour. Funnily, they all disappear, once I have maintained the PART tag… :wink:

any news on that? It still annoys me like hell… I think I have 117 compositions of Bachs Matthäus-Passion, just because Roon ignores the WORK tag if the PART is not filled… :frowning:

Sorry - basic question here – where are Work and Part tags maintained. Do I need a program like DbPowerAmp or MP3 tags and make adjustments there? In the DbPowerAmp pic above, I see no Part tag… hmmmm. Maybe it is accessed elsewhere in the program?