Work with Rovi/AMG: a story

I’m involved in the production of music. I am a composer born in 1770, died in 1827.

I have made various attempts to correct or introduce entries in the Rovi database. I have variously:

  • sent Jeremiah reports of errors and omissions, which he has kindly forwarded in his role representing Roon as a Rovi client. Thanks @jeremiah!
  • filled in the forms on the AMG website
  • sent AMG emails to their published submissions address

These have met with various levels of success. Things which go through Jeremiah have been the most successful. Definitely least successful is filling in the forms on the AMG website, which I believe has never EVER had an effect. (Maybe @enno can have a word with them about that…)

So now, I’ve tried yet another way. I sent two CDs by my trio to Rovi’s published postal address for product submissions. Sent from Germany to the US by regular (but registered) post, they have taken almost a month to get to their destination, and arrived on Saturday last, 5 days ago.

Yesterday there were placeholders for the two CDs.

Today there are proper entries with full credits and track listing.

This is impressively fast work!

There are some errors, but I hope they correct them while completing the work. (Otherwise I will shoot off an email.) Also, the entries don’t seem to be fully connected with the other related ones. For example the composer links go to the correct composers, but the works in question are not listed on the composer pages. (Maybe the related info on the composer pages needs to be done by hand, and doesn’t get automatically carried over.)

Anyway, the moral of the story is that there are people actually working at Rovi who respond to being sent physical CDs. This somehow surprises, amazes and delights me. :smile: So I will now send some more! :wink: