Workaround in Getting Bit Perfect with Roon on Android

Well any android user knows that Roon resamples everything to what what it thinks is the native sample rate of the device so we get no use of externlly attached device and no support for DAPS hires options. Well I have found a away to circumvent this by using UAPP as an UPnP renderer, and using LMS2UPnP which will bridge the UPnP and present it to Roon as Squeezelite Squeezebox zone. You use this as the endpoint and can control it with Roon app.

You need to do some tweaks to confign file to support upto 192/24 but it works and will pass through MQA if you attached DAC or DAP supports it. This is a simple task if editing an XML file. You dont need to run squeezbox server onlt have the binary running on a pc/pi/nas somewhere as it has stand alone binaries. There is also a simpler version from IFI whih does the same job.

A few niggles, cant get Volume in Roon to adjust in UAPP so you need to use UAPP to do this, or the volume knobs on phone should so this,

On my DAP it seems to kill the upnp rendered when screen goes off afer a minute or so. Works fine on my phone though. You DAP migth work differently.

UAPP gets no now playing info, just a streaming from LMS text.

So if your desperate to get bitperfect on your Android device then this is a way although not so elegant.

A bit more playing around with settngs, and its working far smoother now with it transcoding the stream, something about the raw streams from Roon UAPP does not like. Still maintains MQA doing this if your interested. Had to set the 24 bit settings to Plain 24 bits otherwise did not get the correct track positioning in Roon also need to enable flow in the transcode settings to get pause working without ti freaking out, and can now control the hardware volume of dac on Android.

Tried BubbleUPnP but it seems to transcode all 24bit to 16bit what ever I do. Odd as it plays them back locally.