Workaround to get Playlist to Excel

I know you can’t export any Playlist Favorite track to Excel unless the track is in your Library.

  1. Can you export all Playlist tracks to My Library in 1 command ?
  2. Once in my Library is there any way I can “flag” the new Playlist tracks in my Library so the end result is an Excel file of my Playlist ?

My Playlist “Tidal Favorites” lists “807 of 809 tracks” Why the 2 track discrepancy ?


Hello @Don555,

  1. You can add all of the tracks from a playlist to your library by doing an Control + A to select all and add to library, unfortunately though, you will have to do this for all the playlists individually.

  2. Showing just the new playlist tracks is not possible at this time, this would fall under the feature request category and you can request this ability in the feature request section of Community, our product team and devs keep a close eye on that category and is also a good place to get feedback from the community.

  3. I would expect your TIDAL favorites to show 807 our of 809 if you have two duplicates listed in the playlist. You can show duplicate tracks and albums by enabling the setting in Roon Settings -> General -> Show Hidden Tracks and Albums.

Hope this helps!


Thank you for the excellent reply.

All clear to me now.


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