WORKID: Date sortable? [No]

from KB:

The contents of the the WORKID tag can be pretty much anything: you could just use a simple number sequence “1, 2, 3”, or you could use something more descriptive – e.g. Düsseldorf Oct 1963, London Jan 1964, Chicago Apr 1966 – as long as the same value is in the tag for all tracks of the same performance.

Can this be used to sort performances by date, intermixed with the TiVo dates? I need this really badly.

If WORKID is not the way, is there another way?

Thanks @joel!

No, for the moment, until we finalize the data model around performances, this is not possible.

OK, understood.

I would suggest NOT putting date and venue into this tag then, unless your tag editor can then split them and put them elsewhere once Roon starts reading that data from tags fully…