Working well on even a limited core

OK, fate may be tempted here!

I have a fairly low power device for my Roon Core, a Synology DS220+ NAS (albeit with a RAM boost to 6Gb and a small USB SSD just for the Roon database). This is ethernet wired connected to my LAN. About 1000 FLAC CDs on the NAS, and Qobuz satisfy my music needs.

Barely ever get a connection problem with any of my several devices (MacBook, RPis with DACs, Chromecast Audios)

I knew that that two LAN subnets as a result of my Google Mesh and separate router would cause a problem, but that was easy enough to sort out. And so ARC now too runs pretty flawlessly (and I’m enjoying it)

The NAS core is even enough to support a pretty basic DSP tweak to provide mono for headphone listening (I’m deaf in one ear)

Just thought I would put up a “happy user” post, since so many people seem to have problems. I suspect the vast majority of users, like me, have no problems, even with marginal devices for the Core