World's best record shop!

I’ve recently started treating my Roon/Tidal collection as not only a collection of my favourite albums but also as if it’s the world’s best record shop…

By that I mean I’ll add albums that are famous and I haven’t heard or those that are well regarded (new or old) that look like they would be my taste. This means that the discovery page truly is like walking into a record store with racks filled with all sort of amazing possibilities.

Does anyone else do this?

What’s your favourite way to compile a collection digitally that ensures you don’t get stuck in a rut?

Yes. Before Roon I used a copy of 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die to explore. Now I have Roon (with TIDAL.)

Indeed adding TIDAL Collections, which some frown upon, was the right way to go since this has added so many undiscovered artists and albums to my collection that some two years later something new still surfaces and surprises me.

I look forward to the day when Roon makes recommendations from outside my collection.

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I joined a record club that sends me 3 albums a month. While I sit back and listen to the records (which so far have been 8/9 artists I knew nothing/little about) I add their music to my tidal/roon library. Lends to some browsing of similar artists etc which keeps freshening up my collection. Win-win :slightly_smiling_face: