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Roon’s has horrible customer service. I am truly sorry I spent any time and money with this company

This is the first time you’ve posted here. How can you evaluate customer service when you’ve never even posted a support question?


Please describe your problem using the support template. Lots of help is available.


This a post to inform people of bad customer service. Getting some one to call you back or address an issue at Room has been impossible. I had no other recourse that I could find. I have wasted an inordinate amount of time with this company. I am sorry that I got involved with Roon.

Well you just found a recourse and are choosing not to use it :woman_shrugging:

Wow. Sorry to hear. I hope you find joy in music somewhere!

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Just lie back on this couch and tell us your problem

Someone of US experienced users can probably guide you , if the approach was right :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp: :smiling_imp:

I bet 90% + of user problems don’t even need to involve deep IT support

If in doubt REBOOT :smiling_imp:

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This forum is the main method of receiving support, both from Roon staff and other users. Do you want to find a solution or air a grievance?

I think, like many, John wants customer service in a way he feels comfortable. Which is talking to someone. That isn’t the way Roon does things so it was bound to end in tears.
I’ll bet we could help John sort his problem if we knew what he needed help with but he needs to follow the process provided for us to attempt to do that.

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As others have suggested, fill out a ticket in the Support section of the forum. Roon has never offered phone support, much less callbacks.

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I have submitted contact form without reply. I have not received order of Roon plus after a number of emails. Resolution = Refund.

There’s plenty of help available on this forum. It does take Roon staff quite a while to reply to issues, depending upon the volume of posts. But other users have a wealth of knowledge.

EDIT: I’ve just taken a look at the split thread. Is the issue that you’ve not received your hardware? If so then there’s not much more that anybody can do, other than Roon accounts. If this is the case then it would of been helpful if you’d indicated the nature of your complaint in the opening post.

I assumed this was a software related issue.
My apologies.
If you’ve ordered hardware and there is an issue I agree: There should be faster/more direct support.
That said, Roon support has been unusually busy lately due to the release of a major software update and responses are taking longer than usual.
You might want to post in the Support forum with details of the issue.

The devil is the detail

No details :smiling_imp: