Would like to use Bose QC 35 (bluetooth) headphones as a Roon endpoint

I have an ASUS ROG desktop (where I run the Roon client to control a Roon server on a different computer); the desktop runs Win10 Pro x64. The desktop has Bluetooth, and I can use Bose Quiet Comfort (QC) 35 wireless headphones, since the desktop has Bluetooth capability.

What I’ve been unable to do, however, is to get Roon to find and use the headphones as an endpoint on this desktop. By contrast, on a different desktop (HP, also running Win10 Pro x64), the Roon client finds the QC 35 headphones and can play to it.

Any thoughts about the ASUS ROG desktop? I’ve seen a few comments in past discussions that suggest that ROG machines and their drivers may be a problem for Roon. If that is so, are there any Bluetooth-type cards/dongles/whatever that are known to work with Roon.

BT devices are more typically used with iOS and android devices acting as the endpoints, not sure how this would work as it would need to detect the Bluetooth device as a sound card.

I ended up buying Dragonfly Red and putting that into a USB port and then plugging the headphones into the Dragonfly. That arrangement works nicely.

My outdoor speakers are Bluetooth only and I wanted a more “permanent” Roon set-up for them. What I ended up doing is…

I bought a ~$50 Raspberry Pi 3B+ with case. I was able to get Roon Bridge working. I then wrote a script that runs every 5 minutes and tries to connect to my BT speakers. Once connected I run alsaloop to loop the hardware device (the one Roon uses) to the BT device. This works. It’s crude and kind of a mess of set-up and scripting. Sound quality is “meh” at best but it’s outdoors on tiny speakers so I don’t care. Outdoors with music is better than no music.

Anyway, my set-up is a, relatively, cheap way to stick a BT endpoint on the Roon network and I can grab any remote and drive music to it.

Do share your script as others might benefit. :slight_smile: and any setup instructions or requirements like RPi OS used etc

I use an Android phone ( with a cracked screen ) via Bluetooth to my tinny speaker