Would the mRendu benefit from a good power supply?

I am happy with microRendu, used as a Roon endpoint for my headphones setup. I also have a Singxer SU-1 feeding my DAC via i2s. However, I keep reading that mRendu would perform better with some modifications. Therefore my questions:

1 - Would mRendu benefit from a good power supply, such as Uptone UltraCap LPS-1? Currently using it with the stock iFi iPower (the $49 device).

2 - If yes, what types of improvements would I be able to notice?

3 - Is there a similar-performance power supply with LPS-1 out there at a lower price? LPS-1 is expensive for me.

4 - Is there improvement for further “cleaning” mRendu output using a device such as iFi iUSB3.0 Nano or Micro, or is this unnecessary, and / or redundant?

As you can tell, I am really suffering from an upgrade itch :smiley:


I’m toying with the same questions. Currently using a uRendu with the iFi PS. From the many posts I’ve read, I do believe the Uptone LPS-1 will significantly improve SQ. I suspect the degree to which it does will depend on your DAC. But for $400, it’s probably a very worthwhile improvement if your dominant listening is via the uRendu. I haven’t heard of a cheaper PS that is as good or better than the LPS-1. But if that itch is really bothering you, the Sonore Signature PS is one sure way to deal with it.

There’s also high-priced USB and ethernet cords. Many swear they hear significant improvements. I’ve tried a few but haven’t been convinced… Then again, it was that itch that got me to try to them begin with.

Good luck!

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@thyname & @mdconnelly I am a new microRendu owner. I have also been eying the Uptone LPS-1. But it is larger than the microRendu - I don’t like that. I also question if I can hear the difference. I do not question that some people can hear it and that the difference is important to them. But I don’t think I am in that exclusive club. But then again, what if I’m missing something that I would have regarded as important :slight_smile:

That’s what home demonstrations are for :slight_smile:


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Right, maybe if you live in London or New York or even a moderatly populated area :slight_smile: I can see an Uptone sales person appearing among the trees riding a reindeer :slight_smile: A slight exaggeration, but…

How can you get such a thing? Are you talking about the return policy?

Works for me

I’m using an LPS-1 with an mR. The main thing I noticed when swapping to the LPS-1 from an iFi was increased transient response. Edges became more sharply defined. This wasn’t just a subjective perception. One of my tube power amps (Manley Snappers) has always been a bit more sensitive than the other and has blown B rail fuses about twice a year. With the LPS-1 feeding the mR it blew 3 in a week. I upped the voltage rating of the slo-blow ceramic fuse to solve the problem, but thought that was a reasonable demonstration that the signal had sharper transients with the LPS-1.

I don’t know a lot about power supplies so can’t say if there is anything similar available at a lower price. Batteries are similarly isolated but I understand they have impedance issues. There are devices that will swap between battery banks but they are more expensive than the LPS-1.

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Nice timely discussion for me as my LPS-1 arrives tomorrow. I’m looking forward to hearing the differences. That being said as most people have pointed out, the iFi is really pretty good.

I second @andybob’s observations. I did not have anything to blow up, solid-state amps, but the attack and decay (plucked strings, piano, cymbals) became better defined, closer to the live instrument experience (which I’m lucky to enjoy frequently). Before the LPS-1, I had a similarly-priced Teddy Pardo LPS, which was good relative to lesser power supplies, but not as good at the LPS-1. I looked around quite a bit and the LPS-1 was the best choice in quality and size in its price range. I now own two powering two microRendus.

I doubt that any of the current USB decrapifiers will do much to improve over microRendu+LPS-1 provided your DAC has a good USB input stage. However, converting from USB to S/PDIF or, even better, I2S, might be a win. Looks like you have a SU-1 already :grinning:


Yes, I do have a Singxer SU-1, and using its i2s output with my DAC (Holo Spring).

Bottom line is that I would benefit from a good power supply, such as LPS-1, but not from anything else on uRendu’s output stage.

Speaking of LPS-1, someone recommended this to me:


Funny, just waiting for my Holo Spring KTE 3, the SU-1 just arrived. They’ll go on one of my systems, the other has an Yggdrasil.

As an alternative or as powering PS for the LPS-1? I’m pretty skeptical of replacing the Meanwell SMPS that comes with the LPS-1 by a fancier power supply, it seems a waste. Yes, some people worry about the noise that SMPSs put on the power distribution system, but our homes are already so full of that that an additional SMPS – and a good one at that – won’t break the camel’s back.

I have the Spring KTE too. It seems like everyone that buys a Holo Spring, also buys the SU-1. At least all Spring owners I know.

I apologize for not being clear on sBooster. It was meant as a replacement/ instead of LPS-1. Someone suggested it to me at another forum.

Here is a (brief) review / compare with LPS1 from Hans:

Maybe I order a LPS-1. A statement like this is hard to disregard :slight_smile:

Isn’t LPS-1 backordered from Uptone?

There is a reservation list. “ORDERS PLACED NOW WILL SHIP BY APRIL 27TH. Reserve yours now. Thank you for your patience.”

Thanks! Will order one today.

Do you know if the iFi iPower wall wart below works with LPS-1?


It should work, but since the difference is only 15 dollar, I would not order the LPS-1 without the power supply.

I’m guessing the Sbooster is more comparable to a TeddyPardo unit than it is to the LPS-1. It’s perhaps worth noting that the LPS-1 was designed specifically with the microRendu in mind, by the same guy — John Swenson — who designed the mR.

Is that good or bad?

Yep! Fully aware of this.