Would this WIFI setup work?

Hey everyone. I am moving to NYC in a month to an (small) apartment without ethernet ports : ( and need some expert help.

I am trying to figure out the best way to configure a 2 room Roon system. Bare with me as a I attempt to share my idea.

Current gear in my house:

PC desktop

Room 1
NAD integrated amp
Node 2
speaker pair

Room 2
Powernode 2
speaker pair

Currently room systems in my house are connected by ethernet through the wall.

My plan / the situation for the apartment

There would be a wireless router/modem in the living room by the TV.

The core PC desktop would be in my bedroom connected to internet by either a wireless attachment or a WIFI extender device (in the bedroom) that connects to the PC via ethernet cable

Room 2 system would be in the bedroom and connected locally to the PC/WIFI extender

Room 1 system would be in the living room and could connect to the router/modem itself

Bottom line is, would this work? Also, does anyone have suggestions/improvements/alternatives/ideas to make this work better?

Appreciate anyone’s help.


You seem to make conflicting statements about Ethernet – no Ethernet ports in the apartment versus Ethernet through the wall between rooms. Please clarify.


Ethernet over Power is helpful for direct linkups. Mesh wifi such as EERO gives good coverage. You can use the receiving eero modules as an access points. Nothing replaces hard wiring, but as you stated, it’s not as option in your case.

I assume you have service entering your apartment via cable hookup.

Thanks Andrew. I clarified the post. The ethernet through walls between rooms is how I currently have things in my house. When I move, it will be WIFI only between rooms.