Would you please add these stations: in FLAC

Sector 80s, 90s, 00s, 10s https://sectorradio.ru/geny/
Magic radio https://magic-radio.net/
Ai-radio http://ai-radio.org/
95bfm http://95bfm.com/

thank you

Some were already there.
Sector radio - 80s
Sector Radio - 90s
Sector Radio - Space
Sector Radio - Classical
Sector Radio - Progressive

And I’ve now added
Magic Radio
Please check. What language dies it broadcast in?

Try searching for flac in the general search.

Thank you for finding another flac station.

EDIT added
Sector Radio 10s too.
There doesn’t appear to be a Sector Radio 00s page/stream at the moment.

Oh - can stations with low bitrate be somehow improved? Or can we request & you try to find better feeds for the radio feature?

Interesting. :sunglasses:

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If you have one in mind, please request and I’ll do what I can; although in general, when I add a station, I try and add the best I can find. I don’t always add all the low bitrate ones though.

Thanks Brian - no station missing - was more to do with bitrate. I just got recommended 2 yesterday & they didn’t sound the best. I think they were streaming @256kbs.

Next time I turn on the radio, I’ll have a closer look.


Don’t get your hopes up - many stations are less than that.

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I find there is a lot more to the quality of stations than just bitrate. I routinely listen to a 128k station that easily beats some 256k or 320k stations. I think the main difference is the device used to create the stream…message is don’t judge the station by the bitrate, it’s not the whole story.

Two that are 128k that stand out for me are:

Folk Alley Fresh Cuts - could use more depth but otherwise it’s impressive
Planet Pootwaddle - treble is a bit rough but mostly heard on bad recordings…

Thanks Larry - fair call - makes sense to me.

Cheers. :smiley:

I certainly wish more would offer CD-quality or even 320k AAC or MP3 but they don’t and likely because of bandwidth consumption. Adding stations to the Radio Directory likely increases listeners for many of the more obscure stations as they can now be found.

Good and bad I suppose. More exposure the less they’re able to absorb the bandwidth usage/charges but over time the more they’ll be able to upgrade with increased support from listeners depending on their revenue model. I think many stations out there are funded by ‘deep’ pockets with no intention of ever making money or even cover the costs.

I’m grateful for so many choices regardless. In my opinion this is the new ‘commercial’ radio (without commercials largely)


May I comment here with a plea? As with most everything, there’s no such thing as a free lunch. If you find that you’re listening to a station a lot, please consider contributing to its upkeep. Bandwidth, staff, hardware, software - all cost money. Every contribution helps the station maintain (and potentially upgrade) its feed.


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