Wouldn’t this be a nice feature

Let’s say you link your microwave to Roon and as you set the timer Roon searches the library to play a track or series of the same length so stop you having to listen to it hum.
A truly connected household :joy:

Inspired by Genius BBC Radio 4 Extra…

You forgot to put this in the category “Feature Requests” :wink:

I fear this might lead to some delay getting products “Roon Ready”, when the team has to include microwaves as well… Also, it might lead to a whole bunch of new threads, arguing how big the impact of the waves is on the music and how lossy this might make MQA — or not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Done but might be better in tinkering :nerd_face:

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Just as needed as some of the more idiosyncratic and obscure Feature Requests I’ve seen posted.

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I feel some cheesy music coming up…

Hot, cookin’ Tunes :joy:

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I am confident the Roon team will succeed, ‘cause…


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But but but, does that mean I need to put a $500 power cable on my microwave? Then the coffee would be so much more…coffee-er.