Wow... hint of mobile app to come...and improved metadata editing!

Just received a reminder that my membership’s about to expire and am delighted to be able to go into my sophomore year with the Roon team and this community.

The content of the mail was very exciting and gave some serious hints about the road ahead:

"Most importantly, we’re just getting started! Our next releases will feature improved metadata with expanded editing, better Roon Radio, plus new on-the-go mobile apps so you can sync your music and take the Roon experience anywhere. And that’s still just the beginning!"

Now, that’s exciting… keep up the good work Roon.

You’ve revived my music experience in the last year unfathomably.


Roon To Go has been in the works for awhile. Should be a great product and I’d expect a lot of new folks coming onboard to use it.

Yes but I’m not sure I’ve seen a specific comment on how it would work; whether it would be a completely standalone app or synching part of our collections as it mentions here (ideal!)