Wow! Just got my Pi Dac DigiAmp +

Arrived in the post today assembled and connected in 30 mins or less booted in no time at all and showed up in my Roon player just as quick. What fantastic sound, it blew me away that something so small could deliver such amazing sound. Thank you so Much Gordon! The only thing I forgot was to order an IEC cord to plug into the power supply so currently my printer is down.

I am using the RC3 candidate, burnt to the SD card using ApplePi Baker.

Highly recommended if you are sitting on the fence wondering what it would sound like.



Which speakers do people use for this amp? I was thinking of KEF LS50 but don’t know if the amp can cope.

I have 3 that are connected to some Kef Ci200’s, Kef Ci160’s Ceiling Speakers and a pair of Monitor Audio Radius 90’s that are in the kitchen. All fairly easy loads.

But likewise, very impressed with them.

@jaapaapI was thinking of using the Andrew Jones designed Pioneer BS22s. I’m not sure the amp is powerful enough for the KEFs.

I’m using a pair of Tannoy Revolution R2’s. Fairly old now but this Amp drives them really well. Much better sound than the Marantz I had driving them before.