Writer vs. Composer

I am a big proponent of having songwriters and composers acknowledged on all tracks. I have been filling in my blank Composer tags. However I am noticing that some tracks have a Writer but no Composer tag value supplied. The Writer value does not show up in the Composer screen or any list that has a Composer column.

I have also noticed that if I “remove” the Writer and replace that person as a Composer, they still do not shown the Composer screen or any list that has a Composer column!

What about equating Writer and Composer in the lists and Composer screen?

Or is Writer a role unlike a Composer?

p.s. great job on 1.3 guys…as Kramer would say 'I’m loving the Roon"!!!

I don’t think this is a “Writer vs Composer” issue–I believe that we treat those credits consistently.

However, the user interface is making some clutter-reducing choices that sometimes hide composer information–particularly for genres that aren’t typically viewed as composer-centric.

You might want to play with this setting:

Brian: thanks but I have had Always…loved that change as I really appreciate who wrote songs and works.

Do you treat a Write role as equivalent to Composer role? I have some cases (Elvis Presley 60’s masters box set) where Writers don’t trickle down to Composer

Let me know what you think and if needed I’ll send all the gory details

Thanks again!

As far as I can see, we do.

Brian: I think I see the scenario / pattern that is the issue:

My Settings has “Show composer credits” set to “Always” (has been since load of 1.3)
I have the Elvis 5-CD box set “From Nashville to Memphis: The Essential 60’s Masters”.
This box set has both Composers and Writer roles assigned. There’s a lot of both but looks to be about 80 Writers)

Track 2 on Disc 5 has “Bobby Russell” as the Writer role…

If I click on “Bobby Russell” in the Track Credits OR in the track 2 link nothing happens.

If I click on “Eddie Rabbit” (who has the Composer role) in track 3 link I get the following Composer screen BUT that song is not listed

However note that “Eddie Rabbit” WAS a Writer originally from identification. I replaced him as a Composer (to be consistent with all my other albums and hoping to fix this problem)

I also made a playlist out of this box set and clicking “Bobby Russell” and “Eddie Rabbit” (under the Composer column) have the very same behaviour as documented above

Maybe this box set is the problem but until I stumble on other albums with both Composers and Writers (and I believe Writers assigned by identification) I cannot verify that.

Again, songwriters are very important to me and this box set or Roon seems to have a fault in that department.

Hope you can help

Thanks, Dave