WRJQ Good Times Radio 24/7 Polka

Huge fan of this radio station from Appleton, WI. Does anyone have any other recommendations for all Polka / all the time radio?

If someone thinks a station is good, then it should be added, so I have done so. Others can now listen.

The only problem was what music genre to use! For the time being I’ve used International and Country with a keyword of Polka, but please let me know if anything better. (Roon doesn’t have a Polka genre)

Yet another grave failing on the part of Roon Labs! They need to be lashed with a wet muskie for that!

Look, Wisconsin’s 24-hour polka stations are the only thing that keeps people going on those 24-hour snowmobile pub crawls! Oh, and WCUP has a good Saturday morning polka show.

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WCUP added, just for you.

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