Wrong aki takahashi

the link aki takahashi redirects here:

but it’s wrong… should be a woman, and a piano player.
i cannot solve this, as i have no other taki takahashi albums.

Here is the correct website for Aki.


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Bunita? You’re here?!!! I loved your trombone concerto!

I already reported Aki’s problem here: Artist Equivalence Issues (and further up) I think @joel was working on fixing it.

Thank you about White Butterflies! Sometimes people confuse Aki with her brother Yuji Takahashi because he’s a composer and pianist too. Aki put out a completely new recording of Julia this past year. Amazing.
What is this website? Im not familiar with it.

Thanks guys; finally figured out what this issue was. Will get back to this thread when it’s fixed.

I believe that this is now fixed. There was some confusion in that, after TiVo corrected the problem, allmusic.com did not reflect the change and continued to display a biography for saxophone player Tatsuya Takahashi… Roon reflected the correction a couple of days after it was made.


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