Wrong and incomplete results from Qobuz search

If I search for “Vivaldi”, and then View All albums I get 96 albums. There are the following errors with this search.

  1. There are many hundreds more Albums with the word Vivaldi in the title on Qobuz.

  2. A good few of the albums returned are shown as being in my library (which is true) but not from Qobuz (which they are). Only the library icon is under them in the albums view. Yet if I click on the album, the full view shows the Qobuz icon.

  3. I get 6 versions of the Bach Matthew Passion offered, a Christmas Oratorio, several Bach French Suites, Cello Suites and Well Tempered Clavier. All in I count 23 results involving Bach cds out of the 96 which have no obvious connection with Vivaldi. Given that the search fails to find so many hundreds of Vivaldi albums in the first place this is not very useful.

  4. If I filter the “Vivaldi” results for the word “Gloria” I get 4 cds. This is way fewer than there should be for this piece. For example if I search for “Vivaldi Gloria” I get many more recordings of the Vivaldi Gloria.

Can you share a screenshot? If I select the top result Antonio Vivadi I see 850 composition in Qobuz and 914 in TIDAL.

If I type Vivaldi in the search box and hit return, the top result I get is an album, "Vivaldi: 12 Concertos … " by Rachel Podger. Not what I am after. Underneath that are some artists. “Vivaldi & Vivaldi”, “Vivaldi”, “Cor Vivaldi” … “Amsterdam Vivaldi Players” … fine, but not what I want. Then the albums section, which is what I do want. It behaves as I described. Only 96 results, including 23 by Bach with no clear connection to Vivaldi. Can you not replicate this?

To get “Antonio Vivaldi” I need to scroll down (I have an iPad) to below the first eight albums, then below tracks, then below playlists, then below tags, then I get composers and right enough there is Antonio Vivaldi. If I click on him I get compositions (not albums). But OK.

Very confusing. And not very good. A Search for Vivaldi should return hundreds of Vivaldi albums, shouldn’t it? It certainly does in Qobuz.

Here are some screenshots … not all the 96 albums, but you can see the first page I get, the missing Qobuz icons, some of the Bach works that I wouldn’t expect to see.

If I go into the Windows Qobuz standalone desktop app and search on “Vivaldi” I see 1371 releases/albums. A good collection and very easy to browse through.

If I do a search in Roon for “Vivaldi” after choosing Qobuz it basically forces me to choose “Composer: Antonio Vivaldi” and I get 781 albums which are displayed in small groups rather than allowing me to scroll down the entire list. Also the original search results are extremely confusing with entries showing up that are way off the target. The Qobuz desktop app interface and search function is very user friendly and accurate. Roon by itself was better than what one gets when adding Qobuz.

I would call the Roon/Qobuz integration a work in progress. It holds great promise but needs a bunch of work to be user friendly…

If I go into the Windows Roon app and type Vivaldi in the search box I get 49 results in the “All album search results” of which 24 are for Bach. That’s worse than the result on my iPad!

For some bizarre reason under the Composers section Roon gives me Antonio Vivaldi and Johann Sebastian Bach, I kid you not.

Work in progress for sure.

Oh. I restarted roon and got a different number of albums back - 96, still with the Erroneous Bach albums, but not Johann Sebastian Bach as a composer,

Utterly confusing.

Sorry to jump onto a very old post, but this still seems to be open without a resolution, and is exactly what I am experiencing right now.

I thought I would search for “Mahler Symphony No. 2” using the global search on Roon and I get about 38 recordings, but also other Mahler symphonies and works by other composers and no links as far as I can see to Mahler (see two screenshots below).

However if I search for the same within the Qobuz app I get around 140 albums, all correct (maybe more - I gave up counting - would expect this number). What is wrong with Roon search? I should say I typed EXACTLY the same search term into both apps.

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