Wrong artist and pictures

In my Music folder, I have a folder called “LiSA”, which is a Japanese artist, and in that folder, I have a bunch of albums and singles by her.

Now, for some reason, there are 2 LiSA’s in the artist panel.

Also: Both of the pictures are wrong, and both of the bio’s are wrong. I know the picture can be changed but I’m not sure how to change the bio or just get rid of it.

Honestly, for a $500 player, it’s kinda weird that there’s no option to customize how artists are grouped. These issues would easily be fixed if there was an option to either group them by album artist or folder structure. I’ve seen other people complain about this issue and it doesn’t seem like there’s fixes or a work around. Having to report it to admins so they can fix it in their database is not reliable in my opinion. We should be able to fix it ourselves.

Hi @Nataru_Kurosaki. It’s usually bad metadata at source which causes this kind of problem. I’ve made an edit on our end to undo some bad “Lisa” equivalences which will hopefully improve things, but if not, we may need to get some things changed by our metadata providers.

At this time, artist images are not updated. However, as you’ve noticed, you can edit them manually. Here is the URL for the correct LiSA image. However, I suggest that you wait a week or so to let the changes I’ve made take effect in your library. Please get back to me if things are not resolved completely.


Hi @joel could you take a look at Daniel Mair aka Elegy psytrance artists which get tagged as either Kirk Degiorgio or a rock band also named as Elegy.

All I have with Daniel Mair is tagged by he’s artist name Elegy, thanks.