Wrong artist, wrong album

Today I bought the album/EP Runaway Man Blues by Floyd Council (mid 1930s blues). Roon identified the album as Modern Memoir by Divided by Friday.
I tried to edit the metadata and get rid of that band Divided by Friday, but nothing worked.

What have you got in your file tags? If they are correct, and you can correct them. Get Roon to use your data on this Album.
Thoughts, Chris

Did you try Edit > Identify Album > None of these look right > None of these look right > Use Basic File Information?

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Yes I did. But that didn’t help…

The file tags are right. (bought the EP via iTunes) And I had Roon to use the file data for this album, but still Divided by Friday seems to be the artist.

I notice Floyd Council is completely absent in Roon’s metadata. You might want to ask @joel to report this album to TiVo. I did so with another artist and he was very quick. Could take a while to flush through the system. See the below thread:


Floyd Council is not very famous for his records. I believe this EP is the only official one.
But together with the other bluesman Pink Anderson they gave name to the Pink Floyd…
Does @joel see this message?

He does when you address him with an “@”, like you did :wink: He’ll get a notification in his account, but my guess is the Roon team is very busy with 1.3, so it could take some time before he replies.

Identifying/adding the artist shouldn’t be that difficult. Could be difficult to solve on an album level though, because I searched the web and couldn’t find any link except the iTunes page. I don’t know if Roon’s partners can use this as a source for their metadata. Normally, a full AllMusic.com url (placeholder) for the album is asked. That’s all I can say really, hope Joel can be more informative.

Today I got the album Carolina Blues (1937-1947) , with… Floyd Council. And although the album is by ‘various artists’ Floyd Council is in Roon’s database!

Well, let’s wait and see. Thanks for the support anyhow!

It should have. If you’re having trouble using basic file metadata, the guys from @support can help.

Unfortunately, neither Rovi nor MusicBrainz have the metadata for this album, so there is nothing to “report” to them.


I’ve tried again (maybe better :blush:), and yes, Divided by Friday has gone… Thanks!


I have a lot of albums that are not, and perhaps never will be in a major database. I just populate the data I need for myself and find it easy now I have a workflow sorted out.

The same with me. 100 albums out of the 2.200 I have. The only thing that matters is the right name for the artist and the album, Like the one I mentioned above.
(and the fact that an artist or band is listed once, and not two or even three times. But that’s an other discussion)

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