Wrong artwork on playing next

Roon core on Windows 11 PC. Endpoint Chord Electronics 2Go. Remote latest iPad Pro 12.9”. Networking is a strong mesh WiFi system with connection to Qobuz via 500Mbps FTTP.

I’ve finished playing my chosen music and am maybe 20 tracks into Roon Radio’s recommendations. Next up is “Black Wagon” by “Baba Ali” (someone I’ve never heard of) but the artwork being shown at the bottom of the screen where Roon Radio displays what it is going to play next is the cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run” (I have heard of him!). I clicked into the Baba Ali details and that has what looks like correct artwork, i.e. not Born to Run, so the error seems to be in the queue display.

Not a big deal, it isn’t affecting my listening in any way, but a weird bug none the less so this is a bug report rather than a request for help.

(Born to Run is an album in my locally stored CD rips but Baba Ali is being fetched from my Qobuz account which is the only streaming account I have connected to Roon.)

Edit: It is now the currently playing track and when I view the queue it still has the Springsteen artwork but if I click on it (on my iPad) to get to the full screen Now-Playing display it then shows the correct artwork.

Hi @Julian,

Thank you for your report, we appreciate you getting in touch. we were having some server connectivity issues about the time that you made this report, that could be the cause here.

Has this happened again since you made this report? Additionally, is your Core using a direct wired connection to ethernet? Network issues can result in this kind of behavior.

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