(Wrong?) behaviour for artists containing a comma

I added this album to my library via Qobuz. The band is called “Bread, Love and Dreams”. The album looks like this. The name of the artist ist written with a slash instead of a comma:

When I click on the artist link it looks like this:

When I edit the album I can see the problem

On Qobuz homepage the information looks correct though:


When I made the screenshots above I didn’t make any edits to this album in my library except that I added two entries in the “Genre” field.

I experienced similar behaviour recently on another Qobuz album.

Any feedback is highly apprechiated


Hi @papa.jay,

Under Settings | Library | Import Settings, for the Tag Delimiters for Artist/Composer/Label tags field, do you have a comma listed as a delimiter?

hi @dylan,

yep, I do. I see where this is going… :wink: thanks for pointing out… I’ll change that setting, retag some local files in my library… I’ll let you know how things are going…

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