Wrong? Changed Modification Date triggers Audio Analysis

Is this by design?
I installed Sony Music Center to manage my walkman playlists, which (stupidly) changes the modification dates of my music files, Roon uses the same music folder. This automatically triggered audio analysis of all the music files! Thankfully, Track import dates in Roon are not changed as my import settings uses “Roon Import Timestamp”. The Sony Music Center settings is configured NOT to change tags nor the files themselves. While it’s really annoying that Sony software is modifying the dates on my files, should Roon be re-doing Audio Analysis all over again? Now it’s re-doing analysis for 4,600 tracks which is the number of tracks imported into the Sony app. I had to shutdown the Sony app for now. I really can’t go through the pain of Roon reanalyzing 50,000 tracks.

Curious to know if this is by design and if possible to fix this. I don’t think the modified date of a file should trigger a fresh audio analysis. Please note, the Sony app is not changing nor updating the music tags.

Hi @kayo ----- Thank you for the post and my apologies for the slow response.

We are going to look into this and see if we can reproduce. There may be reasons why we need to reanalyze in certain cases, but I’ll talk to the team and see where we can go from there.


Hey @kayo – sorry for slow response here. We need to know a little bit more about the changes Sony Music Center is making.

Is there anyway you can upload a “before” and “after” file to Dropbox and PM a link to @Eric? He can get that into a ticket for us and we can take a look.

Kind of late for that.
Couldn’t go through the trouble of having Roon re-analyze 50,000 tracks.
I uninstalled Sony Music Center shortly after the unexpected behavior from Roon.