Wrong computer for roon

I absently mindedly paid for my membership on this computer when I should have paid for it on the computer that has all my music. How can I transfer my membership to the correct computer? Both are pc’s with MS 10 pro.

Your license is not bound to a specific machine. If you are asking how to move the Roon Core from one machine to another, then the process is described here.

If you have not imported all your music yet you can just install Roon on the machine you wanted it on and de-authorize the old core during the setup process on the new machine . The old machine can still be used as a control if needed.

Thanks! It worked as you said it would. John

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I DO ave trouble logging into Roon via its logo, I should say I quickly get sent to the login page for non-members. I have a work around by going via firefox, no problem. How could that be invoved with my problems with Roon’s problems with my music files?