Wrong discography information in Roon - correctable?

I stumble into wrong details in Roon ever once in a while.

Example? Patrice Rushen / Prelusion shows participation of Eddie Harris, the Chicago saxophone player, whereas the Eddie Harris actually working on this album was a recording engineer. Just forget?

I’ve made a few corrections myself by tracing the original metadata error on Musicbrainz and/or AllMusic and submitting changes on those platforms.

Roon is rarely the root cause of the metadata error

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Another option would be to edit the metadata yourself using the Roon Album and/or Track editor to remove Eddie Harris from the credits.

You can look up the source of the error and correct it on their website, usually AllMusic and/or MusicBrainz.

You can post the issue here in the #support:metadata area and Roon staff usually picks it up and reports it to the source. Be patient.

You can fix the issue just for yourself within Roon:

Hi @Torsten_Fink,

Were you able to follow up on the advice here and successfully resolve your issue?

Please let us know!


Hi Wes,

yes, correction of single faults is doable.

The general quality of data in the field of special interest to me would suggest to consider integrating discogs, which IMHO is superior to the other sources of information.

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