Wrong file name

I had 2 albums of Beriot violin concertos that I recently ripped, one right after the other. When I created the folder names on my server, I got the two switched. I adjusted the folder names after import to Roon, but the file path within Roon still shows the incorrect name. Is there any way to “fix” this? Maybe it isn’t a problem so far as Roon is concerned, since it’s able to find the music?

I tried the various buttons available for Album editing (except Delete Album) but nothing had any effect on the path name. I could go to the drastic step of copying both albums off the server, using the Delete Album in Roon, then copying them back to the servier. Is that the best procedure?

Settings, storage then three dots menu force rescan. See if that helps.


I looked at that but didn’t do it since I assumed it would rescan the entire database. I’ll do it overnight if that’s the solution.

Should only take a minute or two it just looks for changes.

Bingo! Worked like a charm. Thanks!

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