Wrong fontanelli

i can fix this in my library, but it’s a wrong artist identification

the composer should be Enrico Fontanelli, not Alfonso Fontanelli (different centuries…).
in the screenshot, the name Enrico Fontanelli comes from my tags.
Alfonso from roon metadata.


Wow Niccolo, you must have what tagging DB users refer to as the “Library From Hell”. :):grin:

I hope one day, if not now, you can say your efforts were worth it. Any feedback from support?

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not about this one.
but yes, they’ve been pretty responsive :slight_smile:

almost at the end of my trial, from the perspective of a tagging DB devil, my conclusion could be:
Roon: very good, with good support and promising future development, but a giant on feet of clay.
Rovi DB: the clay.

yes, because if you go in deep with the metadata, you find out that they are really a MESS.
one BIG advantage (with respect to file TAGS) is that if you find an error, or change something in the metadata, it propagates…
so, for example, i could change the overall name of a composition sure that it will be changed in all corresponding albums.
if i’ll go for the licence (almost sure at this point), i’ll have a lot of work to do… but it will be definitive. (how many times have i said this? :))

i correct myself. i CANNOT fix this in my library, except with a BIG amount of work.
if i select all the tracks and edit them, alfonso fontanelli does not appear, so i cannot remove it:

so, how to remove him?
i have to go to the single composition

and remove the wrong fontanelli, and individually add the correct composers… composition by composition.
NOTE: the files are tagged with the correct composers

but roon completely ignores them in the composition properties (even though my setting are to merge composers).

this is another example of a general problem in roon regarding composers association i’ve noticed, that i think is a bug:

and here is another masterpiece… with same kind of problems

roon add Bono instead of Sonny Bono, changes Giancarlo Trombetti with Ascanio Trombetti (some centuries in between…). and again, it seems very difficult to correct the roon composers association.