Wrong genre for holiday music

On my 4th day of Roon, and yesterday added some Christmas albums to my favorites. Then later when searching by genre, I noticed not only were several missing, but also there were two jazz albums by Jerry Cortez listed under Holiday music. Is Roon making mistakes, or is this all being corrected as time goes by? I have seen some clearly intentioned Christmas albums listed as “choral” or “classial” for instance.

Hi @Joe_Houck. Welcome to the Community!
Metadata shortcomings/errors generally come outside of Roon, by various services that provide those data to Roon. Genre tags like you are talking about are in some ways even more difficult because the selected Genre can be somewhat subjective. So, most of these problems come from outside Roon, but Roon can make mistakes too.
But you don’t have to take this lying down! You can create custom tags (<-- clickable link) and assign them to albums the way that suits you best. You can select these tags and bookmark them to call up all your music any time you want.

You can’t count on it, especially with Genre tags. People do fix the metadata, but you can’t rely on that happening.

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