Wrong Greg Carmichael

The description for musician and composer Greg Carmichael appears to be wrong. In my library, Greg Carmichael is listed as performer and composer with Acoustic Alchemy. This shows the relationship:

This is the description:

Mr. Carmichael is a classical guitar player with Acoustic Alchemy. I don’t believe he was a disco producer.

Just refreshing this topic since it doesn’t appear to have been fixed.

Hi @David_Gibson — Thanks for the report, and apologies that it’s still an issue here. We are looking into this and will follow up soon.

This just came to my attention once again. Here is the current Roon bio for Greg Carmichael (straight from Allmusic).

Either this was never fixed or I’m wrong and Allmusic is correct. Maybe someone can enlighten me about this artist. Thanks.

Hi David. Apologies that this dropped off the radar. I did a bit of Googling and yes, TiVo (suppliers to us and allmusic.com) have clearly mistaken the American producer and English Jazz guitarist for the same person. We’ll get this sorted out ASAP.

Hi @David_Gibson. TiVo have (hopefully) made the necessary changes here. Please allow up to a week for this to propagate though our and your systems. Once again, apologies that this has taken so long to resolve.