Wrong ID as Orginal Album Series

I have the CD of George Benson - Give Me The Night.

Roon recognises it as George Benson - Original Album Series. Okay, so Give Me The Night is available as one of the CDs in the Original Album Series set, but this CD is the separate CD, not a set one.

Besides on other similar original album series sets I have by other artists, Roon IDs each of the albums as if they were the separate ones. I can’t recall seeing any mentions of those albums being part of sets.

I think it would be better if you always ID the Give me The Night album as being just that, and give me the artwork, metadata and review details for Give Me The Night. Then maybe in the Give Me The Night review, mention that the album is also available as a part of an Original Album Series set, and provide a link to the information and artwork about the set.

If you select “Edit…” from the 3-dots menu for the album and then select “Identify Album,” you should then be able to correct the identification so that it matches the correct version of the album.