Wrong identification of an album (Mahler Symph. 1)

I imported the album:
BIS: Mahler - Symphony No.1 (BIS2346 FLAC 24-bit), interpretation by Minnesota orchestra, conducted by Vänskä.
Roon showed as album from Sony: Mahler - Sinfonie Nr.1 interpretation by Wiener Symphoniker, conducted by Fabio Luisi.
I verified with BIS, that it is the right album. So indentification by Roon is wrong. Why?

Did you attempt to re-identify the album manually? Is the album in question an import into your local library, or is it a TIDAL or Qobuz import?

Yes, I attempted to re-identify,no success. The album in question has been bought from eclassical.com and stored in the local library on a synology NAS.

This is a pretty new recording and is probably not in any database yet. In fact, the SACD has not actually been released yet. Manually let Roon try to identify it but choose that it is none of the choices. Leave it unidentified for now, try again in a few weeks.

Edit: My impression is that the databases that Roon uses only include information on physical releases, e.g., SACD, CD. Downloads do not seem to be part of the databases, does anyone know if this is correct?

In any case: this is a bug in the roon software. If a recording cannot be found in the databases, the record must remain unidentified and the metadata from the recording (streaming) should be used. But its not ok to associate the recording with different database data and so with wrong informations. In the case given I insulted eclassical for having delivered a wrong and (according to reviews) bad record too.
I cannot imagine, Robert_Daines , that Roon uses only informations on SACD, CD,…because today much high resolution recordings exists only as streaming files as consequence of the high resolution.

Hi @Siegfried_Steffan,

Can you share a screenshot of the album in Roon?

attached: 1) Mahler 1 in Roon today (not identified), manual input (by me), cover from the attached jpeg, 2) Mahler 1 cover primarily and automatically presented by Roon after import.

This recording is listed at All Music (see attached). I’m not sure why Roon is not picking it up.

Hi @Siegfried_Steffan ,

Would you mind sharing this album with us?

Ideally, you can zip up the entire folder and send me a private message containing a shared dropbox link. If you don’t have Dropbox or need another way to send the media, just let me know.

Unfortunatedly , the size of the folder is 2.01GB, too big for a free Dropbox or wetransfer, account. Please let me know , how to send the folder.

Hi @Siegfried_Steffan — I sent you a PM