Wrong KPIG in Live Radio

Not sure who I should @, but the KPIG radio station in the live radio is not the beloved independent station KPIG out of Watsonville, CA (Americana, etc.) but K-PIG, an internet-only oldies station out of (I think) Kentucky. The oldies aren’t bad, but it’s a very different thing.

is KPIG (the americana etc station) available without a paid subscription. I used to listen to it a lot, even paid for many years to access, but after lots of problems with the paid stream I finally dropped my subscription.
edit: seems to still be paid subscribers only:

Assuming paid stream is working better, one can use their paid stream in Roon. The paid stream provides a unique URL for the subscriber. One can save this URL as a favorite radio station in ROON.

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Yup, came back to add the info about paid streams – but you’d already got there. That suggests that the current KPIG station in Roon Live Radio should be removed. The paid stream is a private radio station.

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I dont know what it is, but the two advertised streams in Roon play different music, and neither seem to match K-PIG.

I’ll take it off the list for now.

There’s “KPIG”, which is an FM radio station out of Watsonville CA, with official FCC-assigned call letters KPIG and which has subscription-only streaming. Then there’s “K-PIG”, which seems to be an internet-only streaming oldies “radio station” that happens to have almost the same name – not intended to confuse, I’m sure, but confusing nonetheless. The “K-PIG” streams are freely available, and they’re what plays in Roon.

When I said the two streams played different music, I meant they were different to each other.

For your entertainment, the two streams…

(Note the switch in the port number)

And here’s a link to K-PIG which seems different again (although I suppose there could be some time delay)


I haven’t listened to the two Roon streams for long enough to get an ID

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Ah, OK. Thanks for looking into it.

Ok, I got confused by the fact that the K-PIG link given is wrong and is actually a country station.

The first two streams are indeed different, one is K-PIG as was thought, the other is
Gizmo Rock Rewind (Digital 106) Classic Rock Hits 70’s 80’s and More! KPIG-Too

Now that I’ve know what’s what, I may as well add these under their correct names.

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