Wrong lyrics or in wrong language on my Fiio M15 DAP

Hello. I have a simple setup. My Windows 10 PC is my core. I have one thing connected – a digital audio player, the Fiio M15, that supports Roon. When I play my music on the Fiio, two out of three times the wrong lyrics come up AND/OR the lyrics are in the wrong language (Japanese, Chinese, or Korean). I need to resolve this. When I joined, I was assured customer support. Maybe you have it, but I can’t find it. I need a PH.D. in cryptology to understand your customer support system. Please prove me wrong, and help me resolve this.
Thank you.

if you show the lyrics on the desktop app do they also display in the same language or only English (assuming that is your native setting)

in the FiiO settings (not roon) is your language set to English specifically?

also please detail some song selections this is happening on so that others here can verify. I have an M11

Hi @Michael_Oleinik,

Can you share some screenshots of an example of what you’re seeing?

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