Wrong Metadata, Artwork - JRIVER curated library not properly recognized

Good afternoon,

Please I really appreciate your support. After a good evaluation period I decided to get a yearly subscription (it looked really good at the beginning) but after spending some more time through my library I have found several (several) errors, considering that my library was carefully curated with JRIVER previously.

I have found things like two artist named “RUSH” (each one with some of the albums of the band) and a lot of really weird things even when I set “Prefer File” in all parameters.

This is one example. This is a screenshot taken in JRIVER:

This is what Roon imported:

Description of the issue

You can detect missing artworks, wrong artworks (take a look to the “In concert” album), etc.

I know I can fix it in Roon but it means that I would need to repeat all the time & effort I spent curating my library in JRIVER. All the JRIVER settings are reflected in the files (they are not proprietary for their library) . MinimServer (a much more modest yet good media server) is perfectly capable of reading the information properly as well as my astell&kern portable device.

I must be missing something so I really appreciate your support, I have been digging into the Knowledge base but I have been unable to solve it.

Thanks a lot in advance. cheers

Roons noted for not handling box sets well. You do have to treat them in special ways to work and it won’t work the same as Jriver I am afraid and not as well. It’s a lot of users bugbears.

Hi! thanks for the reply.

No, I’ve not done anything special (Ripping, artwork adjustments and minor fixes). The issue it’s not only associated to box sets. I have found issues regarding Double Albums, single, etc. Incorrect artwork (file is correct but roon it’s not) incorrect artist names …

I’ve found some other threads in the KB and somehow I got the impression that Roon could be mainly designed to work from the scratch, I mean: if someone has folder based libraries, dealing with file names instead of metadata properties,etc the benefits are huge, but if someone has a well groomed library, that additionally needs to be synchronized with portable devices (Astell&Kern in my case) roon seems more likely to generate issues than benefits (that’s my perception).

If time and effort is required to rip and groom the metadata outside roon (jriver, dbpoweramp, etc) and then that effort needs to be repeated it looks like a waste of time. Time spent editing libraries it’s time we cannot spent listening to music (or whatever)…

Anyway, I’ll keep trying to make it works during the one year subscription, I hope Roon could release a new smart version of the engine that could learn a little more from basic file tags. (someone said that a wise person is the one who can learn from a fool. A fool is the one who cannot learn even from a wise guy)

thanks … .cheers

Is your artwork within the music files or as a “folder” file in the Album folder

This is a setting in JRiver, mostly the default action in JRiver is to add artwork within the files

Try extracting a folder.jpg file of the artwork, Roon should pick up and apply that to the album

Once you’re happy you can add that folder.jpg to all your album folders , I’ll look for a way to automate that in JRiver if you wish

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