Wrong metadata for the song “It’s To You” by Abraham Burton

Roon V.1.3 (build 276) mixes up the song “It’s To You” (composed by Abraham Burton) with the song “Dedicated to You” (composed by Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin, and Hy Zaret).

I tried to correct the title doing this:

But Roon will still show the wrong composers:

And Roon still thinks this composition is the same as “Dedicated To You”:

What can I do? Please, help!

Kind regards
Thomas :wink:

Can no-one help me???
Thomas :disappointed_relieved:

Hi @Thomas_Holte. Thanks for your patience. The back cover art of the Rovi entry clearly states “It’s To You”, so I will contact Rovi and ask them to review/change their metadata here.

Strangely, Rovi, Musicbrainz, and Discogs all have “Dedicated To You” on track 4 (though Amazon does not) which means that either there is another version or, as likely and more worryingly, there’s a positive feedback loop here…

Hi @joel.
I own the CD “The Magician” by Abraham Burton and the CD “Somewhere Before” by Keith Jarrett which contains the track “Dedicated To You”. These two tracks have definitely different melodies and are not the same composition.

I think Roon should provide the possibility to remove the link between a certain track and its corresponding composition.

Hi @joel.
AllMusic has already corrected this error. When will Roon do it?

This is fixed in Roon. It may take a few days for your Roon library to take the metadata update.