Wrong Nancy Wilson image

Oh, come on…

Click on the Avatar, go to “Improve this photo,” and vote for the Nancy Wilson of Heart avatar. It will update in a day or so.


You can use Valence to remove the wrong images. Well, you could do if I hadn’t had a spot of “mouse happy afternoon fun” and beaten you to it. :wink:


The problem with Art Director (when it started) was that it wasn’t always clear which artist (with the same name) you were adding the photo to. For Nancy Wilson you are presented with this:

This usability flaw still has not been addressed.

Of course there is always another possibility: that Roon is just linking to the wrong Nancy Wilson.

I gave up on art director it’s too limited with a minimum size of images . You try and find images that meet Roons minimum spec that work as avatars for all artists it’s impossible.

In this case, Roon is linking to the correct artist.

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