Wrong picture for my remote Mac Pro

I have a weird problem. My Mac mini holds the room library, but when I open roon on my Mac Pro (used as a remote) - then the pictures of some of the albums is wrong. If I press on an album and go to album view the correct picture is displayed. Anybody who have experienced the same problem from a mac pro in remote mode? Funny enough my imac does not have the problem

This sounds like a known bug (fix is coming in the next build).

For now, try exiting Roon on the mac pro and then deleting the cache directory:


Then restart Roon on the mac pro.

If the problem persists after that, let us know.

Hi Brian - Thanks for the extremely quick response. Somehow I cannot seem to find the library on my mac pro, whereas it is easy on my mac mini - they are both fully updated on the OS side…is there any easy to find the library/roon/cache? Thanks again!

Heh, I didn’t realize how hard Apple worked to hide it.

You can get to it in Finder by clicking the “Go” menu in the menu bar, then pressing the option key. When you hold down the option key, it should cause an item called “Library” to appear in the menu. Click it, and then you should be in the /Users/USER/Library folder. Then you can double-click “Roon”, and drag “Cache” to the trash.

Thanks - that worked!!! Excellent support too!

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