Wrong Review count in overview page?[Solved]

Today I saw one thing on the overview page.
It shows: 7280 reviews and bios
and I don’t understand that number

In detail there are 1288 albums with reviews and 645 artists with bios.
7280 is more than two times all my albums und artists together, even the ones without any review,

Is 7280 a bug? Or can you please explain the number.
It’s not a problem for me, but I’m curious.

Add: same is for images
6897 images for 2205 albums and 873 artists.

Add2: it’s not duplicates, only 6 duplicates in my collection
maybe from tidal albums I browsed in the past?

My count for reviews and bios is also several times the sum of albums and artists. I think this is because it also includes many more bios than just the artist on the title of the albums. Also in the count are composer bios, bios of musicians and sidemen, and producers. It is probably the same with images.


Sounds reasonable. Thanks