Wrong Tidal albums being added to library

I’ve been experiencing search results from Qobuz and Tidal taking their merry time to appear, as also reported by several users in other threads. At the same time there appears to be another, possibly related issue: the last few days Tidal albums have appeared in my library without any interaction or request from me in Roon (or in the native Tidal app). Since approx Friday every time I open Roon there’ll be one or more unwanted albums turning up in Overview / Recently Added, labelled ‘new’. It’s always a Tidal album (I use Roon with Tidal and Qobuz), usually only containing 1 to 3 tracks.

Bizarrely, the albums/tracks added are more or less aligned with my taste. That makes it even more curious. I’ve seen albums appearing from The Verve, a bunch from Oasis, David Bowie, etc, all artists I more or less would listen to if offered through the Roon Radio function. Not Engelbert Humperdinck or James Last for example, music which I would immediately detect as an unwanted visitor to my library.

Any idea what might be going on?

(Roon Core running on a i7 Mac mini, quite a few RoonReady and Roon Remote devices in use)

Hi @Jamie_Biesemans,

Roon does not automatically add albums to your TIDAL favorites — If you manually add a TIDAL album (or track) to your library, it will be added to your TIDAL favorites. If an album (or track) is favorited in TIDAL, this then gets added to your Roon library.

I’d recommend changing your TIDAL password — we’ve seen similar reports come up when someone else was using a TIDAL account and the owner of the account was not aware.

If changing your password doesn’t yield any results we recommend reaching out to TIDAL about how these are being added to your TIDAL favorites.

Cheers Dylan, that’s possible as I review quite a lot of audio hardware, which afterwards is returned to the manufacturer. Thanks, I’ll change the password and see if the issue disappears.

I had a similar issue shortly after I started using Roon. A couple of hundred albums appeared in Tidal favourites. A lot of them were vaguely related to music I had listened to, so perhaps an unsuccessful attempt to add more music that I might (but mostly didn’t) like. Quite annoying, as I had to manually delete every one.

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