Wrong track shown as playing and scrobbling stops

I noticed a strange behavior today. Roon will show the wrong track is playing in the album and queue view. The now playing bottom bar elapsed time also does not advance. In last.fm scrobbling stops. Once the track is done playing and advances to the next track, everything in Roon and last.fm is back to normal for one song. Then this happens again.

For example, if you look at the image below, the song shown as playing in the album view is “I Get a Kick Out of You”. However, the actual song playing is “Ive Got the World on a String”. When “Love Me or Leave Me” begins, both previous songs are scrobbled and the right song is shown as playing in Roon. However, once “Love Me or Leave Me” ends and “My Foolish Heart” begins the same cycle begins again. “Love Me or Leave Me” is shown as playing and nothing gets scrobbled until “September in the Rain” begins.

This seems to be very repeatable for me playing either from Tidal or from my library.

Restarting Roonserver fixed the issue for now.

Hi @tboooe ---- Thank you for your patience here. We have looked into this behavior you are reporting and are unable to successfully reproduce this on our end.

As per the request of my tech team, can you please verify the following information for me:

  1. Is this something you can reproduce with any album?

  2. Is this something you can reproduce with any zone?

  3. Can this be reproduced at will?